Populate Your Contracts With Spark

Save time and never write contracts by hand again.

Populate Your Contracts With Spark

Save time and never write contracts by hand again.

We’re excited to launch contract population with Spark this month! New features include updates to the contract section, PDF population, and a new export. Our mission is to help you sell homes faster, and this is a huge step towards that goal.

New Contract Settings

Contracts in Spark have a few new settings. You can now set a rescission period. After the rescission period has passed, the status change from Offer to Firm is now automated. You can also setup default discounts, colour schemes, upgrades, deposit structures, and commission structures. Go to Inventory → Contracts and click Settings in the top right to make changes to any of these. Once added, you can apply these defaults to any contract.

Automatic PDF Population

Select your contract template and click generate.

Send us your contract PDFs and we’ll create a template that maps the input fields to Spark. When you’re ready to write a contract, click Write in the top right of a contract page. Select your contract template and click Generate PDF. A new contract PDF will appear, complete with the information from Spark. This will save your team huge amounts of time, as you no longer have to manually enter data you have already collected!

This is a premium feature, email us at hello@spark.re for more information.

Detailed Data Exporting

Download all your contract data.

Now that you can store all of your contract information, access to that data is very important. We’ve built in a new export which contains all the information related to your contracts. This includes inventory data, deposits, purchasers, upgrades, and more. Go to Inventory → Contracts and click Download CSV at the top of the page.

Early users have sold more homes per day than ever before due to the efficiency of the new contract generation. The settings upgrades and data exports are available now to all users. Send us an email and we’ll be happy to setup PDF population for your team.

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Feel free to email us at hello@spark.re with any questions regarding the new features or Spark!