Spark Updates September 2018

Multiple offers, improved signing processes, and much more! As more people bring their real estate contract process online with Spark, we’ve been working hard to make that process as smooth and fast as possible.

Spark Updates September 2018
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Multiple offers, improved signing processes, and much more!

As more people bring their real estate contract process online with Spark, we’ve been working hard to make that process as smooth and fast as possible. This month brings big improvements to that process including:

  • tracking multiple offers
  • ordering signatories
  • bundling signature requests together

We’ve also added a lot of other great features like the ability to save custom exports. Read on to learn about everything that’s new this month!

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Save and Reuse Custom Exports

Saving selection as a custom export.

Earlier this year we launched custom exports. These allow you to select exactly which data you want and order your columns in an export. This month we launched the ability to save your selections so next time you want the same data you can get it instantly without having to build a new export.

Bundle Multiple Files For Signatories

Multiple files selected to send.

Often contracts involve a few separate files that need signed. Previously you had to send these all individually meaning your clients would get a lot of emails. Now you can select all the files that need to be signed, order them, and send them all bundled together in one email.

Prioritize Signatories in DocuSign Requests

Drag and drop signatories or click the arrows to reorder.

You can now select the order everyone needs to sign your contracts. Counter-signers can also be ordered but must come after all other signatories.

Add Team Members as Signatories

Team member in send for signatures form.

While you could add a team member as a verifier or a countersign you can now include any number of team members as signatories. This allows for a lot more flexibility in your contract process when you need additional signatures from someone on your team.

Multiple Countersigns on a Contract

Countersigns listed on a contract.

You can now add as many countersigns as you need to your contracts. When sending a file for signatures, your countersigns will always be ordered below signatories.

Manage Multiple Offers on a Unit

This is one of the biggest features we launched this month. We wrote an entire blog post dedicated to multiple offers, which you can read here:

Manage Multiple Offers with Software for Real Estate Contracts
How to Manage Real Estate Contracts Online

View Time Zones in the Team List

Time zones in the team list.

The team list on both the project and company level now display each user’s time zone. This should be especially helpful for large companies with teams working in multiple locations!

Order Standardized Fields

Click the arrows on the right to reorder standardized fields.

Contacts, inventory, and contracts all have standardized fields. These are custom fields you can add that will appear on all the records of that type. Previously these were only ever displayed in the order you entered them. Now you can quickly reorder them in settings to prioritize your most important fields.

Track the Cost of Color Schemes, Options, and Upgrades

Colour schemes settings with new cost field.

To help keep track of the cost of unit customization options, there is a new column next to color schemes, and options and upgrades. Keeping record of the cost of these customizations allow for future reporting on the cost margins between how much a client pays for an upgrade and how much you pay for the option. Only users with administrator roles have access to this information.

View Deals on Agent Profiles

New deals section on an agent’s profile.

We added a new deals section on agent profiles. This will list all of the agent’s pending and completed deals, and link directly to those contracts.

More Options with Registration Form Auto-Assignment

Registration form settings without agent assignment enabled.

There is now a separate toggle to choose if you would like to include agents in the auto-assignment process. This means you can evenly distribute newly registered leads to your sales team without automatically assigning agents to your team. You can also now choose specific team members to receive new leads based on the registration form, allowing different team members to have their own dedicated forms.

Add CC’s to Quick Emails

New cc field on quick emails.

If you need to cc someone outside of your contact list on an email from Spark you can now add them to the new cc field on quick emails.

Agent and Purchaser Widgets in Custom Reports

Creating a new report with the purchaser widget.

As we continue to improve the beta phase of our custom reporting feature, we’ve added a couple new widgets. Agent and purchaser widgets allow for a more focused report rather than the more general contacts widget which includes everyone. Expect to see even more widgets rolling out soon as we continue to develop custom reports!

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