Contact & Rating Updates

Our company portfolio upgrades are just the start of what will be a whole new way to use Spark! That being said, many of our users will…

Contact & Rating Updates

Our company portfolio upgrades are just the start of what will be a whole new way to use Spark! That being said, many of our users will still spend a lot of their time in the project context, and with the company upgrades have come a few changes and features to this section that are worth getting familiar with as well.


We’ve made some improvements to how an ‘agent’ is defined in Spark. Formerly, we determined which contacts to treat as agents through special ‘agent ratings’ that were separate from your normal contact ratings. This was a pain point for some clients as they had a need to assign normal ratings to contacts that they would otherwise like to treat as agents.

New ‘agent?’ field in the contact form

So, we’ve added an additional field to determine this, and eliminated the special features of agent ratings, so that now you can assign any rating you want to any contact, agent or not.

For your existing data, all contacts with agent ratings have been converted to use the new agent field, and no ratings have been removed or reassigned.

Choose your own Registration Form Ratings

As it stands, your incoming registrations will continue to be assigned the same default ‘New’ and ‘Agent’ ratings that you have defined, but you now have the option to select different ratings! And, if you have multiple forms, you can select different defaults for each form. This option can be found in the form’s Settings.

The ratings section in a registration form’s settings

If you are using the ‘Are you an agent?’ section on your form, you still have the option to assign a different rating to incoming agents. But, given that agent status is no longer determined by rating, in the above example, you could also choose to set both ratings to “Online Registrant”, and the registrant who checks the ‘Are you an agent?’ field would still be considered an agent in Spark.

Contact Search Mass Actions

You now have access to mass actions on both the company and project contact search views. This enables you to make quick adjustments to a targeted group of contacts, without having to create a contact group.

Company contact search results

Contact Reactivation

As we move more of a project’s resources to the company, we also want to ensure that those resources are protected. As a result, we have eliminated permanent deletion of contacts from the project level. Instead, a contact can be removed from the project and deactivated, but remains in the company database unless destroyed at that level by a company administrator. In addition to better protection of your data, this enables us to reactivate a contact if they happen to re-register on a project they were removed from, restoring any information that may have been associated with them.

There is also a small change to the contact creation process within a project in Spark. Now, you are able to search for a contact (by name or email) from the company database and add them to the project in a single click. If the contact is found, this saves valuable data entry time.

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