Integration Announcement: Proxima HQ

Integration Announcement: Proxima HQ

We’re thrilled to announce that Spark is partnering with Proxima HQ! Together, we believe that our joint collaboration can propel the standard of New Development sales & marketing to new heights. 

Integration Overview

Through this partnership, users of both platforms will gain two key functionalities:

1) Seamless integration between both platforms: Users will gain live inventory control between all touchpoints, while also receiving the potential to gather more front end data for your dashboards in Spark.

2) Inventory Visualization: Spark customers will be able to visualize unit inventory and stacking plans in a front end platform, enabling them to plan sales and marketing strategies earlier in the sales cycle. Proxima HQ's 3D modeling can be completed faster than alternatives, such as traditional renderings, virtual tours, and physical scale models.

These functionalities will provide users the ability to:

  • Seamlessly track lead registrations from Proxima HQ through to closing on Spark's digital contracts tool.
  • Capture more marketing and sales insights by passing data between the two platforms.
  • Update inventory status and unit details from Spark dashboards and have it reflect on the corresponding 3D building model and other marketing touch-points in real time.

"Spark is excited to level up our marketing offering to our customers through Proxima HQ,” said Cody Curley, Co-Founder & President of Spark Real Estate Software. “We have been collaborating closely to develop smarter integrations on top of our API, ensuring that both products deliver value to our mutual customers, their buyers, and agents. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to simplifying the sales and marketing process and aligns with our mission to provide visionary, data-driven products that empower our clients’ operations."

"We are thrilled and excited about our partnership with Spark CRM,” said Leon Ng, Founder & CEO of Proxima HQ. “By integrating with Spark’s robust CRM capabilities, which handle everything from sales to contract management and closing, we will together offer a seamless end-to-end solution that enhances efficiency and supports our clients in achieving their goals. This partnership empowers us to better serve our consumers by simplifying the entire sales and marketing process. We are excited to grow together in new markets and bring added value to the real estate industry.”

About Proxima HQ


Proxima HQ is a real estate visual storytelling platform that centralizes and streamlines front-end marketing efforts with dynamic 3D models, interactive maps, and floor plans. Founded in late 2022, Proxima has 35+ project activations and 750+ users across 8 cities, but their team has historically contributed to the selling and marketing of 1500 project launches across 28 countries.

Proxima HQ's core functionalities include:

  • Digital Touchpoints: Proxima’s digital touchpoints allows sales teams to digitize their presentation center experience and extend the sales opportunities beyond the physical sales center. 
  • Sales Center Touchscreens: Proxima’s ‘touchscreen mode’ helps captivate home buyers with an interactive and engaging project marketing experience, and reduces time and costs by eliminating the need to build a custom interactive display.
  • 3D Building with Inventory: Provide your home buyers with an interactive floor plan experience, while also allowing your sales team to map out and visualize available inventory.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about how both Spark and Proxima HQ can contribute to your sales and marketing processes, book a demo with Proxima HQ here.