Key Benefits of Spark’s Email Sync

Email communication is one of the most vital tools for New Development sales teams to engage with their prospects. Sales reps are able to quickly and easily reach their leads while still being able to convey important information. However, traditional email providers are not optimized for managing New Development sales outreach and can cause some roadblocks and difficulties for teams, especially for those dealing with a large number of prospects. Fortunately, Spark has a robust Email Sync feature. Highlighted below are the key ways Email Sync can support your team.

Single App Integration

New Dev sales reps are often forced to open separate tabs, windows and even separate programs to be able to access all the tools to do their job effectively, especially when it comes to communicating with their leads and potential customers. However, as a part of our solution, Spark’s Email Sync can further streamline your communications workflow. Send and receive emails to and from your prospects without leaving the Spark platform, allowing you to navigate between your CRM, inbox and other important tools with ease. Whether your team uses a popular email provider like Google or Outlook, or something more niche, you’ll be able to integrate your email conversations into Spark.

Spark’s Smart Sidebar

Gone is the tedious task of copying and pasting a prospect’s information into a contact profile manually. When you begin communicating with a new lead, our Smart Sidebar automatically records the information of any individual in your email thread and provides the option to create a new contact profile for them within your CRM, freeing up more time for you to communicate with your prospects.

Smart Sidebar doesn’t stop there — when you’re communicating with an individual with an existing contact profile, Smart Sidebar will pull up a quick dashboard within our email modal to provide a complete picture of your prospect so you don’t have to dig in your CRM for more information on them. You’ll be reminded of prospect details like lead status to help contextualize and remind you of their journey stage in the sales funnel, while other important information like their Agent Tag will be readily available.

Recording Communications Straight into CRM

In a typical sales environment, communications between the team and leads are often siloed between an individual rep and their respective leads. This poses a number of challenges if the rep needs to take a leave of absence or leaves the company as the rest of the team loses access to those conversations, which can result in lost opportunities and revenue especially if there is a level of time sensitivity.

With Spark’s Email Sync tool, your team won’t have to worry about absences or missed opportunities. All correspondences for each individual lead is recorded and can be accessed within their respective contact profiles, eliminating the need to search for specific communications by keyword. As a result, anyone on your team can easily access correspondence from any agent in order to find out more context regarding that contact’s current place in your sales funnel. More importantly, anyone on your sales team can use that information to fill in and communicate with that specific lead if there is a time sensitive issue.