Spark Updates July 2018

Calendar subscriptions, contract improvements, a custom reporting beta release, and much more! Summer is well underway and so far it's brought a lot of updates to Spark! This month we've added some highly requested features, including calendar subscriptions and our custom reports beta.

Spark Updates July 2018
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Calendar subscriptions, contract improvements, a custom reporting beta release, and much more!

Summer is well underway and so far it’s brought a lot of updates to Spark! This month we’ve added some highly requested features, including calendar subscriptions and our custom reports beta. We’ve also added many smaller features and workflow improvements. Here’s an overview of some of the updates over the last month:

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Subscribe To Your Spark Calendar With iCalendar, Google Calendar, Outlook And More!

Subscribe to the Spark calendar in any calendar app.

You may have noticed Agenda has been renamed Calendar. You can now subscribe to your Spark calendar, allowing you to see all your events in any calendar app you prefer to use. Click Subscribe to get the subscription link and setup instructions.

The new calendar subscribe button in Spark.

Event sharing has also been improved so you can share events with the whole team or with individual team members. You can also keep events private so they will only show up in your calendar. Any events you’ve created are under the My Events tab, and events that others have shared with you are under the Shared Events tab.

Add Deposit Payment Notes and PDF Attachments

Deposit payment notes field.

When logging a deposit payment you can now add notes to the payment. You can also upload a PDF to record the payment instead of uploading an image.

View Contact Groups On Contact Profiles

Group Section On Contact Profile

While viewing a contact you can see any custom groups they belong to, directly on their profile. Note that while custom groups are available here, smart groups are constantly updated and not listed on the profile. To view both smart groups and custom groups, navigate to the usual groups page under MenuContactsGroups.

Additional RSVP Fields And Guests

RSVP pages now can include 12 new fields to collect additional information when your clients register for an event. You can also include an option so that clients can record how many guests they are bringing with them.

Save Registration Forms To Home Screen On Mobile

Add To Home Screen Button on iOS

Saving your registration form to home screen allows your form to run as a full screen app on phones or tablets. This is a big improvement for sales centres as sales reps can now simply open the app and their registration form will be ready to go. Previously you had to open Spark in a browser and navigate to the form from there.

Email campaign click event.

On an email campaign the list of click events now show which link in your email was clicked, in addition to who clicked it.

Mass Assign Agent Tags

Applying the agent tag to multiple contacts at once.

The agent tag is how Spark separates contacts and agents. Previously you had to give contacts this tag one at a time. Now you can select multiple contacts and update them at once. You can also use this to removing the agent tag from a group of contacts.

Date Signed and Approve Button In DocuSign

If you use DocuSign with Spark we can now map the date that a document was signed, and add approval buttons directly into your contracts. This saves clients the extra step of typing out the date and allows approvers to approve without having to sign the contract as well.

Additional Purchaser Signatures

Toggle To Include Additional Purchasers In Signature Request

We can now map additional purchasers into your contracts to allow more than just the primary and secondary purchaser to sign documents.

Contract Verifiers

Toggle to Include Verifier in Signature Request

Sometimes a team member will need to look over a contract before it’s finalized. You can now add a verifier to a contract when selecting the required signers. The verifier can sign the contract if needed, but can also use the new approve button.

Contract Template Previews

Preview of a contract before generating.

After selecting a contract template, there is now a preview of the template so you can be more confident that you’re accessing the correct documents.

Generate Contract PDFs in the Background

A notification that a contract has been generated.

Clicking Write PDF will now generate the contract PDF in the background and notify you when it’s complete. This allows you to continue working while waiting for any large files to generate.

Custom Reports Beta

Custom Reports in the reporting menu.

Custom reports is going to be one of the biggest new features that we’ve launched. In preparation for the full release we’ve released a beta version to allow you to get a feel for how the new reports will work. Feel free to explore and let us know what you think! We’ll release a more in- depth post about these reports alongside the full launch.

A widget from the new custom reports.

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