What’s new this fall

A roundup of the most recent Spark updates

What’s new this fall
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A roundup of the most recent Spark updates

Between releases of large features such as Company Portfolios and new Stacking Plans, we’ve also completed lots of smaller updates. This batch includes a lot of time savers that will make a big difference in the long term. Here’s an overview of the most recent changes:

Contact Auto Assignment

Auto Assignment

New registrants can now be automatically assigned to your team members. To activate this feature go to SettingsTeam. Select the team members you would like to assign contacts to. Next click the Auto Assignment button in the mass actions menu. After enabling, any new registrants will be evenly distributed between selected team members. This will save a lot of time for sales managers who will no longer have to manually assign contacts to their sales teams.

Faster Interaction Logging

New Interact Form

Previously you had to click InteractLog Interaction, now you only have to click Interact. You can select an action like Call or Email at the top of the page, or log your interaction in the form below.

Inventory Notes In Exports

When exporting inventory you now have a “notes” column that contains all the notes about the unit. Each note includes a timestamp and the name of the team member who wrote it.

New Contact List Columns

In your contact list you can now add columns for “Last Contacted” and “Opted Out”. Try sorting your list by last contacted to see which leads you haven’t followed up with recently.

Editable Contract Default Prices

Editable Contract Defaults

You can create default colour schemes and upgrades to save adding them every time you write a contract. Now you can edit the prices of these defaults afterwards on a per unit basis.

Contract Document Markup

New Signatories Form with Document Markup Enabled

For those of you using Contracts and DocuSign with Spark you can now choose to allow document markup. This will allow signatories to make changes to the contract when they receive it. After making changes the contract will be re-sent to anyone who has already signed. These people with each have to initial the changes. Once signed you will be able to view the modified contract in Spark with everyones signatures and initials.

Custom Contract Dates

Default Date Offsets

Contracts now have a lot more options for adding date fields. You can create default dates under SettingsContract Settings. These allow you to add custom dates at a default offset from when the contract is created.

Custom Contract Dates

You can also add custom dates to an individual contract by going to the contract and clicking Edit. You will see the standard dates in a section labeled “Dates” and custom dates in a section labeled “Additional Dates”.

Rescission Reasons

Rescission Reason Form

When you rescind a unit you will now be prompted to enter the reason for rescinding. Viewing the unit later you can see a record of who rescinded the unit and why.

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